August Director’s Note

Mexican woman with children

I am working on gathering all the stories about how we have seen the Lord’s Hand on this ministry. There have been many times when requests for items were made and we had to say, “Sorry, we don’t have that.” Then, several days later, the desired item is brought to us.

One of my favorite incidents was a request from a church in Southern California. “Could HoHNW donate youth size diapers for a 10-year-old?” This church would frequently go into Mexico to minister, and was assisting a mother who was taking care of a severely disabled boy. Sadly, we replied that we received many infant and adult diapers, but never got youth-size diapers. About three days later, a pickup truck pulled up to the warehouse with a load of boxes. Inside the boxes were dozens of packages of youth-size diapers! Not only were they the right size, but most were for boys, with pictures of trucks and space capsules on them.

Do you have a story you could share? If so, please send them to me for the collection. It’s important to remember the Lord’s blessings!