B. Edgar Johnson, Eula Tombaugh, Liz Murtland, Terrance Smith

B. Edgar Johnson, Eula Tombaugh, Liz Murtland, Terrance Smith: Open House 2003

B. Edgar Johnson Memorial Endowment Fund

Planned giving is a great way to support Hands of Hope NW. It allows you to use estate and tax planning techniques to maximize your gift and/or minimize its impact on your estate. Methods include:

  1. Outright gifts using appreciated assets as a cash substitute.
  2. Gifts that return income or other financial benefits to you.
  3. Gifts made payable as a part of your will.
B Edgar Johnson Endowment Fund Front page

Endowment Fund Brochure

B. Edgar dedicates new building

We created an Endowment Fund in memory of B. Edgar Johnson, our first Board President.

All funds are held and invested by the Christian Network Foundation. Hands of Hope NW will receive a portion of the income annually.

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The endowment fund will provide resources far into the future. It will allow the ministry to help more people locally,  and broaden our distribution of medical equipment around the world. Whether you mail a check or donate securely online, please designate the “B. Edgar Johnson Memorial Endowment Fund.” To learn more, call (208) 461-1473.